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Bringing Clarity And Confidence To The  Money And Finances In Your Business

Business owners are transformed into GREAT business owners when they feel in control and have an understanding of their business finances.

I've got you!

How would you feel if next Monday when you sit down at your desk (or kitchen table?) …

  • there were no invoices or receipts piled on your desk, in a folder or in a drawer
  • all your sales invoices had been paid and unpaid invoices chased
  • you knew exactly how much money you have in the bank
  • you knew how the cashflow in your business looks for the next six months to a year
  • you knew how much profit your business made in the last quarter.
  • you knew how much tax you owe and when you need to pay it.

I am here to help you

  • feel in control of the money in your business
  • understand how to keep financial records
  • decipher the terminology
  • reduce overwhelm around money and finance
  • have more time for the exciting parts of your business

A Little Bit More About Me

I am Emma, wife to a livestock farmer, mum to three girls, accountant, business mentor and lover of walking outdoors.

In 2003 I qualified as an accountant and worked in the small business departments of two accountancy firms for eight years until our second daughter arrived.

Then five weeks before I was due to go back to work after my maternity leave I was on the beach with the girls splashing in the waves!

I’d never felt more torn.

I wanted to be the present mum for my girls, but I also wanted to earn the money to support them, and do the fun stuff, and be someone with a career!


emma middleton about
emma middleton about

Was that even possible? I wasn’t sure but, standing there, with my feet in the water, listening to the girls squealing with delight, I made a decision – to quit my job.

I handed in my notice and decided to set up my own business using my accountancy skills and that is exactly what I have been doing for the last 12 years.

When I am not busy with client work or running around after my children I also a volunteer at two primary schools where I am a school governor, the secretary of the local swim club and a parish councillor in our local village.

emma middleton about

If you are looking for someone in your business to look after all the important stuff like book keeping, accounts, business advice, credit control etc, then she’s your woman! Add on those niggly financial queries, the times you just need your hand holding as you take the next big leap, someone to tell you the truth when you have that next crazy idea, a great listener to guide you… then look no further.

Together, she’s helping me achieve great things that align with me, my values and my needs. Plus she’s a mum so totally gets it when you forget to fill something in because your kids’ stuff took over.

Oh, and by the way, she’s also super modest and humble, is really well qualified and just “gets it”.

Gill Smith

Connect Coaching Services Limited

Working with me

It is a privilege to work with women who are passionate about their business and the service they are providing but they feel slightly sick at the thought of the numbers and money. Their heart rate increases significantly when a brown envelope from HMRC drops through the door or at the thought of opening their bank account to see how much they can afford to pay themselves this month.

I strongly believe that we don’t need to love working with numbers we just need to understand how to interpret the important ones so we can use them to make significant and life changing decisions in our businesses.

Many of the women I work with come to me worried about their figures and nervous that they don’t have the skills to be able to carry out the work.  One of the most rewarding parts of the work I do is seeing them grow in confidence in their new skill (and some have even grown to love their numbers).

We work together using non-technical accountancy jargon to help you develop your own systems to record and analyse the money in your business and to become less emotional about it. We then move on to looking at interpreting that information and finally look at how we can use it to plan for the future, whatever that looks like for you.

Emma was exceptionally professional and had done her homework before we met having been given a brief of what the meeting was about.  Anything that cropped up she was unsure of she found the answer immediately or by the end of the day after she had left us.
Emma’s knowledge was vast and she raised several points we had not considered or thought of’

Amy Jobe

The Shop, South Elkington

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What Next?

Everything I create is to help women like you to create the business of their dreams …

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