Welcome to episode number ten of my podcast where I discuss why I always work tight to a deadline.

I start by describing how in my early twenties I discovered that I work really well up to a deadline but with a busier life and lots of different elements to balance I have more recently had to change my habits and stop the procrastination.

There are lots of reasons that we might procrastinate and identifying why we do it is the first step to avoiding it. The four main reasons are

  1. The job is boring, unpleasant or we don’t know how to do it.
  2. We are disorganised and feeling overwelmed by all the tasks we need to do so it is easier not to do any of them.
  3. We are worried about failing at the task so it is easier not to start it.
  4. Sometimes it is the fear of success – if we succeed once then will it mean we have to do it again?

I then go on to describe how I have managed to overcome the procrastination and the most important thing I have found is firstly to recognise it, then to identify why I am doing it and then to address it and I love the following technique

  1. Make it easier to get started.
  2. Make it easier to keep going.
  3. Make it harder to avoid the task in hand.

It is a very personal journey and we all have to find the right techniques that work for us and fit in around our own work and life circumstances but I hope that these thoughts give you a few insights into what I have done and help you to get started.

I certainly don’t always get it right and if you pop over to find me at emmamiddleton.co on Instagram I will share some of good, the bad and the ugly in my stories there!

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