Welcome to Episode Number 14

In this episode I discuss how we identify what product or service we could offer in our business. In some cases we have that light bulb moment first and know exactly what we would like to offer but other times it might be that we have decided to start our business and then we need to decide what we would like to sell.

Our businesses are always going to help our customers to shortcut a problem. We live in a time poor society and people are willing to pay money to help us short cut the gap between the problem and the solution whether that is personally or professionally.

The first process I take all my clients through when we look at starting a business is to take 15 – 20 minutes to brain dump all your skills and experiences. No idea is too small or too ridiculous – they are all just as viable as an idea as the next one.

 It is really important at this time to keep it very general – there is no need to be specific about exactly what it is you would do with those skills but just write down the skills.

The second part is then to look at the list and cross off those skills that do not light us up. Once these are discounted we can then circle the top three that we are most passionate about, that do absolutely light us up when we talk about them, that we could spend our entire days and weeks working on and talking about.

At this point we can then start to look at actual ideas for our business and how we could use those skills in the development of a product or service. If we take each of the top three skills we have individually and then brain storm how we could use those skills in the creation of a business.

This process can take time and as with many things it can be best if we have an initial brainstorm then leave it, go away, think about it, talk to family and friends about it and then go back to the list.

Finally don’t be afraid to make a decision to decide to run with a thought or an idea, to spend some time on just one business idea. The others will still be there if the one you chose doesn’t work out but it is hard to keep several business idea plates spinning at the same time so it is better to temporarily park the others for a while so you can focus on one.

I meet lots of women who dream of setting up their own business but are finding it difficult to navigate those first steps and often don’t know where to start, what the priorities are or where to find the information they need.

Sometimes it is a business in a completely new area that they are passionate about or it might be a hobby they want to take professional and sometimes they just think that their dream business is really only a dream and there is no chance of it becoming reality. 

I am lucky enough to have worked with women in this situation and while it is not always easy and they have put in some hard work and hours it has been a privilege to watch their businesses grow and flourish.

We all have at least one business in us and my free guide will help you work out what yours is. It is a tried and tested process and the exact one that I go through with my clients.

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