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 What is a successful business?

 I use the term successful business all the time with my clients, in my marketing and in conversations with friends and contacts and I thought it would be interesting to drill down into what it actually means for us in our businesses.

 In this episode I discuss the two main areas to consider when deciding on the success of your business.

 1. What are your goals and objectives in your business?

 Why are you planning on starting up your business or continuing with the development and running of your existing business?

 To help answer this I explain the seven levels deep exercise.

 Q1 – What is important to you about having a successful business?

Q2 – Why is it important to you?

Q3 – Why is it important to you?

Q4 – Why is it important to you?

Q5 – Why is it important to you?

Q6 – Specifically why is it important to you?

Q7 – Why is it important to you? (This is the most important answer and a key driver for your business)        

What is a successful business for you is very personal and it depends on what your personal goals are for the business.

2. Are you making enough money?

I am a big believer in trusting your gut instinct – but the numbers never lie and while you can get a good feel of the success of your business from the feedback you are receiving it is so important to know that the numbers stack up as well.

Finally the key question to be asking yourself is should I be investing my time and energy somewhere else?

I meet lots of women who dream of setting up their own business but are finding it difficult to navigate those first steps and often don’t know where to start, what the priorities are or where to find the information they need.

Sometimes it is a business in a completely new area that they are passionate about or it might be a hobby they want to take professional and sometimes they just think that their dream business is really only a dream and there is no chance of it becoming reality. 

I am lucky enough to have worked with women in this situation and while it is not always easy and they have put in some hard work and hours it has been a privilege to watch their businesses grow and flourish.

We all have at least one business in us and my free guide will help you work out what yours is. It is a tried and tested process and the exact one that I go through with my clients.

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