Welcome to episode number nine of my podcast and ‘Five Tips for a Successful Social Media Bio’

Just like meeting someone for the first time in person our first impressions of someone are made within the first few seconds of landing on their social media page.

Setting up strong profiles will help with building a brand’s authority and give a positive first impression. It will also show that a business is trustworthy, knowledgeable, and approachable.

This episode takes you through five simple steps to ensure your social media bio creates the right first impression.

Tip 1 – The photograph

Tip 2 – Use the header image

Tip 3 – Include all the important bits of Information

Tip 4 – Ensure consistency across all networks

Tip 5 – Complete all the Sections

 Doing all five of these steps at the start is great but you must keep your bio fresh and up to date in order for it to maintain its effectiveness. Keep your experiences up to date and add any new achievements and awards, add any new products and services and update any calls to actions.  Changing the images can also help increase the interaction with followers.

And finally a social media bio needs to follow the 3 c’s and be clear, concise and captivating

We all have at least one business in us and my free guide will help you work out what yours is. It is a tried and tested process and the exact one that I go through with my clients.

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